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The Wedding Singer (2022)

Director: Amy Planner

Production Team: Alie Davis, Trent Stebbing, Daniel Ran, Bec Dissegna, Jessica McMahon, Sharnika Takacs


Robbie - John Molden

Julia - Teigan Bliss

Holly - Bree Ashwood

Sammy - Keelan Mast

George - Daniel Ryan

Glen - Trent Stebbing

Linda - Caitlin Harry

Rosie - Amy Planner



Abigail Howley, Alex Corr, Amber Morrissey, Bec Dissegna, Bronwyn Ireland, Charli Sargeant, Justine Catrileo, Nick Sheridan, Patrick Smith, Rainie Zenith, Sally Elliott, Sharnika Takacs, Veronica Thay, Zahlee Hunn

This feel-good musical, set in the depths of 80s madness, is a rocking journey of love, life, and everything in between. All your favourite characters are here, Robbie - the wannabe rocker with a heart full of love, Julia – the hopeful dreamer with a soft spot for love, Holly – the full of life cousin with style to boot, Sammy – the eyeliner wearing bassist with a lot to prove and George – the quiche-making fashionista who marches to his own fabulous beat.

Robbie Hart is New Jerseys most popular wedding singer and brings the party to life. Until one day his fiancé Linda leaves him at the altar and Robbie’s world comes crashing down. Meanwhile Julia’s bridal dream is about to come true when her long-time boyfriend Glen finally proposes. Their worlds collide in this all singing, all dancing, all rocking, epic 80s tale.

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