The Escapees Theatre Company was started as a dramatic outlet for the youth of the Casey district who want to perform and be a part of an enthusiastic group of like-minded people. We are a youth orientated, not-for-profit theatre company based in the South East. We love to make theatre, both original and re-imaginations, and have done so since 2007.


We are an inclusive group with a flair for the dramatic and a deep appreciation of a good pair of jazz hands. We entertain our community through theatre and strive to make the arts available to all. 


One of our dreams has been realised as we have begun to provide drama and theatre workshops in schools and for other community groups. We are a small company but are looking to achieve even greater things in the future.


The Escapees have endeavoured to write and perform original works, which gives the company a reputation for being a unique, innovative and hard-working team.


Trent Stebbing

Company Director


Alexandra Davis

Company Director


Amy Planner

Company Director


2017: The Year of the Escapees!


In 2017 we celebrated 10 years of Escapees! It has been a transformative 10 years and we want to thank each and every member who has ever been and every single audience member that has let us attempt to entertain them over the years for all your support and encouragement.

Yes, the Escapees have been escaping for ten years, and we certainly celebrated. We not only produced two full length productions, but also held two improvised comedy shows, a trivia night, 10 year reunion and a charity Christmas show. It was a long and eventful year and we wouldn't change a thing.