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Love & Death (2015)

Writer/Producer: Durant Prum

Director: Alice Scerri

Assistant Director: Crystal Foxall

Everyone dreams of finding 'the one'. For so many, this dream never becomes a reality. Michael and Catherine were among the lucky ones; the moment they met, they knew, as if some other-wordly force were drawing them together. Life was bliss - until it wasn't. When Michael loses Catherine suddenly and cruely, his whole world begins to fall apart. How could he ever accept the loss of the love of his life.

'Love & Death' takes us on two separate yet intertwined journeys. Michael's life, now full of nothing but grief, with his sister Jade by his side doing anything she can to help him. And Catherine? She is lost. Very lost. Her soul desperately searches for Michael; will she ever come to terms with never being able to see him again? A love story like no other; yet there is much more to the story than anyone could ever imagine.

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