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Escapees Still Running (2012)

Escapees Still Running was a series of short plays. The plays were as follows:

Super Nerds

Writer/director: Blake Johnson

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's... nerds.


Bank Robbing For Dummies

Writer/director: Amy Planner

Jimmy, a seasoned bank robber, advertises for new members for his gang only to find three applicants far less than qualified; Andy - a little questionable in all areas; Bronco - manly tradie turned loveless wreck; and Marcus - idiot by day, 50cent fan by night. Jimmy attempts to train them, but with little success. Needless to say the robbery becomes a reference in exactly what not to do. (Warning: May contain a musical number)


Modern Love

Writer/director: Andrew Morley

After losing her boyfriend of 3 years to another girl, Natasha Sullivan uses David Bowie as inspiration to deal with her heartbreak and get her back into the dating world with the help of her best friends, Gay Brad and Sammy.

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