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Escapees On The Run (2007)

The Escapees first ever production!

Escapees On The Run was a series of short plays presented to our audience as an introduction to The Escapees. The plays were as follows:


Writer: D.M. Bocaz-Larson, obtained from

Director: Jonathan Rodriguez

A meditations master develops a new form of meditaion.. which is a bit questionable to a new member.


Knocked Over

Writer: Peter Ufnalski

Director: Sarah Giles

Three women hold up a petrol station, their actions affect each of them in a different way.

The Lifecycle of a Zombie

Writer: Peter Ufnalski

Director: Peter Ufnalski

A man dies a horrible death, but continues 'living' as a zombie. He and his wife learn to adjust to the change.


Paleocene the Wise

Writer/director: Alice Scerri

Paleocene (a tree with a balloon for a head) is in love with Daisy (a cow) but his best friend Stud (a leather jacket) is in love with her.

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