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The Escapees Theatre Company is ultra proud to present RENT - performing at The Drum Theatre, Dandenong, October 2023

Rent is a beloved and groundbreaking musical that has captivated audiences around the world.

With its powerful story, memorable songs, and dynamic characters, it has become a staple of contemporary musical theatre.


Roger Davis - Nate Arnold

Mark Cohen - Nathan Slevin

Mimi Marquez - Olivia Exposito

Angel Dumott Schunard - Nick Sheridan

Benjamin "Benny" Coffin III - Simon Jones

Tom Collins - Coby Gregg

Maureen Johnson - George Cowell

Joanne Jefferson - Avi Araneta-Puyat


April Nuske*

Claude Armiger

Corey Bruerton

Esther Bruerton

Etana Uili

Grace Elizabeth

Jody Johnston

Lauren Payet

Oliver Midson

Roy Christoffelsz

Samantha Howlett*

Scott Kinsey

Scott Miller

Skye Beazley

Stephanie Atwa

*featured dancer


Director - Steve McPhail

Co-Assistant Directors - Amy Miles & Georgia Margaux

Musical Director - Elyse Carmichael

Co-Choreographers - Amy Miles & Georgia Margaux

Production Manager - Amy Planner

Intimacy Coordinator - Bree Ashwood

Dance Captain - April Nuske

Casting Consultant - Melanie Xavier (Conscious Casting)

Media - Alexandra Davis & Amy Planner

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