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Never Been Kissed (2017)

Director: Amy Planner

Assistant Director: Sharnika Takacs

Producer: Alice Scerri

Josie is 25 years old and has dreams of being a journalist. Her opportunity finally presents itself when the editor of the paper she works for sends her undercover into a high school, to get the scoop on teens and their lives. Josie soon remembers that high school was no walk in the park for her, and has to find her way again amongst the jocks and the nerds, the popular girls and the losers. Will Josie get her story, or will it all end in tears, and the loss of her job? And will she ever be kissed by someone truly special?

Adapted for the stage by Amy Planner.

Produced with permission from Twentieth Century Fox, and original screenwriters Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein.

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